Saturday Morning at the Gastonia Farmer’s Market

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We almost didn’t go to the farmer’s market this morning. It was just Flora and I and she was kind of in ill spirits. When I say “kind of in ill spirits,” I mean that she was toddlering hard. 

I think it’s her teeth. Flora is the sweetest, most charismatic little thing except for when she is teething. When she is teething, she is a bit of a nightmare. My poor, sweet baby. Anyway, on with my story about the farmer’s market.

I had planned on getting there bright and early, but honestly who gets anywhere at or before 8 am on a Saturday with a cranky toddler in tow? Not I. We ended up getting there around 9:30. Not bad.

I will admit, I was a bit surprised at how small this market looked in comparison to the Charlotte Regional Farmer’s Market. Of course, that is an unfair comparison as the population of Charlotte is a great deal larger than the population of Gastonia. Regardless, there was a decent variety of produce from a variety of vendors. 

Flora and I did a walk through so that I could decide on what I wanted to perhaps purchase. This is where things got dicey. Miss Flora Lou, being almost TWO, is becoming very independent and often wants to walk places (holding hands Thank the Lord!) instead of being carried everywhere. Not a problem until it was time to turn around and walk back through and make actual purchases. She was not having it.

I managed to walk Flora back to the main entrance and tried getting her to sit in a shopping cart. Nothing like trying to shove a kicking and screaming toddler into a shopping cart, am I right? Didn’t work.

I took Flora out to the car and almost went home. Then I remembered that I was in William’s car and he has an umbrella stroller in the trunk. Score! I let her finish having her tantrum in the car, strapped her into the stroller, and then gracefully made our way back in to make some purchases.

Everyone that I interacted with at the market was incredibly polite and knowledgeable. The lady that I purchased sweet potatoes and butternut squash from gave me some tips on roasting them. The gentleman that was selling pickles and other canned items was very helpful when I was selecting some Chow Chow for my mama.

I must say that my favorite find was a gorgeous, huge floral arrangement that was only $15! I had to put it in my own vase, but a comparable arrangement from a boutique florist would have easily been four times that price. I had a bit of a hard time maneuvering it to the car and then figuring out where to put it inside the car, but it was definitely well worth the struggle.

I will definitely be going back to the Gastonia Farmer’s Market. I did not get any photos at the actual market (toddler tantrums, guys,) but I did snap a few of the spoils:

Here is the huge bouquet of flowers wedged awkwardly into the passenger floorboard of William’s BMW.
Here is the big, beautiful arrangement in a vase. It was too big to fit on the dining table under the light fixture!
Sweet potatoes, butternut squash, locally made apple butter, and hot chow chow for my mama!

What are your favorite farmer’s market finds? Any seasonal goodies that I should be on the lookout for in the next few weeks?


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