Stop Talking About It and Just Do It

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Do you ever find yourself saying things like…

“I have all of these projects that I start/think about but they never come to fruition.”
“I want to become more involved in my community but I don’t know how.”

“I want to do something more constructive with my evenings than watch Netflix and drink wine after the kids are in bed.” 

Personally, I am constantly finding myself saying all of the above and more. I spend so much time thinking and talking about what I want to do. I spend so much time complaining about how I am not doing everything that I want to do. I waste so much time worrying and talking myself out of things.

It’s time to cut the crap.

I am sick of not doing things because I don’t know how and am afraid to ask. There are local events that I hear about and think that I would really enjoy, only to avoid them for fear of running into someone who has hurt me in the past. There are people offering me help and I say “no” because I feel undeserving.

What I’m finding out is that we have all experienced some kind of rejection or trauma in life. If we allow ourselves to be totally overcome by those things, we don’t grow. If we are talking ourselves out of positive opportunities because of negative people, then we are letting those toxic people win.

There’s a new moon today. The season is about to change from summer to autumn. It’s a good time for goal setting and personal change. So, here is my goal: stop talking (or thinking) about it and just do it. Don’t let fear and self doubt overtake opportunity. We only get one life and I want a life well lived.

Is something holding you back from the life that you want? What can you do about it?



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