6 Essentials for a Cozy October

Here are my essentials for a cozy October!

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Hello lovely! 

I hope that you enjoyed the first day of October as much as my family did. We woke up early to a nice seasonal chill in the air. After breakfast, I got into the attic and pulled down the box of autumn and Halloween decorations. We had a nice time spending the day cleaning up and putting out a few decorations together.

Halloween mantle
Here’s how the living room turned out!

I always associate the month of October with the word Cozy. In North Carolina, it’s usually hot until sometime in October every year. This is the time to really enjoy the fall comforts. Here are some of my cozy October essentials.

  1. Candles. They give off such a welcoming glow. I like unscented as well as scented candles. Sometimes too many scents can become overwhelming.
  2. Fluffy socks. The fluffier the better! This is the ultimate cozy fall item to keep you comfy at home and away.
  3. Throw blankets. I have a basket full by the hearth in my living room. They don’t match and some of them have been extra-loved, but that doesn’t matter. They’re still warm and cozy when we need them.
  4. An arsenal of hot drink options. All manner of teas, coffees, and hot chocolates exclaim “cozy fall day” for me. You could go to Starbucks, but making it at home seems that much more cozy and homey to me. Along with that, an good insulated thermos is a must!
  5. Flannel shirts. I really enjoy the truly cozy Pendleton wool for this one. Balking at the price of a new one? Here’s a little secret – look out for them at thrift and vintage shops. There seems to have been an abundance of them in this area the past few years. Check the men’s section.
  6. Quality family time. Last night was the first time in ages that we all sat together in the dining room for dinner, and it was lovely. Usually dinner is a stand-in-the-kitchen-around-the-highchair affair. Efficient, but not great for family bonding and certainly not cozy.

That’s it for my essentials! What are your cozy essentials?

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