Tuesday Tutorial: Do Crafts With Me

Today’s tutorial is a two-for-one!

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Hello my dears!

Usually the Tuesday Tutorial is a somewhat sarcastic guide to various aspects of adulting. Not today!

I spent all evening on Saturday in the creepy basement here at the bungalow, knocking out one Pinterest craft and one of my own design. That’s two craft projects that I’m sharing with you. One in the form of a vlog! Exciting, I know. You’re welcome.

To start, I painted a couple of canvases for the master bedroom. My inspiration was this tutorial that I found on Pinterest.

Painting supplies

You will need:

  • Three shades of acrylic paint. I used white (background), warm grey (tree body), and raw umber (bark).
  • One shade of metallic paint.
  • Painter’s tape.
  • Paint brush.
  • Putty scraper or old credit/loyalty card.

What to do:

White canvas

Paint the whole canvas white. I know the canvas is already white. Just do it.

Why? Art.

Let dry.

Taped off canvas

With the painter’s tape, tape off the sections that you would like to be trees.

Naked trees

Fill in your trees with your chosen color. Let dry.

This is where it gets tricky.

Bark Technique

You’re going to want to take your “bark” color and use the putty knife or credit card (I used both) to scrape the color onto the canvas. As instructed in the original tutorial, I went ahead and did a practice run on some scrap paper as you can see above.

Almost finished!

I was underwhelmed with the original finished product (above), so I went back and added some more texture (below).

I had originally planned on adding a heart with our initials (W+H), but there wasn’t really enough room within the heart outline so I just filled it in.

Birch canvas
The finished product!

I think these will look great over the bed in the master bedroom!

If you would like to see a second bonus craft project, head over to YouTube and check it out! I put together a shadow box using a passage from a copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone that Lexi chewed up and some cool old keys.

Are there any topics or projects you would like for me to cover in upcoming Tutorial Tuesdays? What kind of posts do you like the most? Comment below to weigh in!



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