5 Positive Affirmations for When You Are Feeling REALLY Negative

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Hello Dears.

If you suffer from depression, you know how hard it can be to think positive thoughts when you feel particularly low. You are probably aware that thinking and saying positive affirmations can be incredibly helpful in lifting that depression, but your inner cynic just isn’t buying it. “I feel horrible. This is a load of crap,” it may say. For me, it helps to tweak the usual super-positive affirmations (“My life is abundant,” “My heart is overflowing with joy,” “I am energetic and enthusiastic,” you get the point,) and make them more realistic. Putting the inner cynic at ease, if you will.

I want to make clear that I am in no way putting down super-positive affirmations. When I’m in a more positive mood I find them to be helpful in keeping positive. They are a useful tool in reaching goals. These more “realistic” affirmations are for situations when you are REALLY down and need a hand up. A first step, if you will.

Here are 5 positive affirmations for when you are REALLY down:

  1. Hope is on the horizon.
    Sometimes it just helps to have your future self throw your current self a lifeline. With this affirmation, you are making room for things to get better in the future.
  2. What other people think of me is none of my business.
    I am the worst for thinking that other people do not like me for no particular reason. This is not their fault. I have been assured many times by my loved ones that they adore my quirky self. Depression will lie to you and make you think that people dislike you or are judging you. This affirmation is a good start for countering those negative thoughts. I find that focusing on myself (it’s none of my business whether they think I’m weird or not), can be more helpful and empowering than focusing on others (but so-and-so DOES like me and want me around) in this situation.
  3. I don’t believe everything that I think.
    This affirmation ties in with the one above. Like I said, depression will lie to you. It will hit you right in the self-esteem and make you feel about two inches tall. Think of this whenever you find yourself bullying yourself. Better yet, repeat this affirmation early in the day before the self-bullying starts to steel yourself against those thoughts.
  4. My life is rich with opportunities.
    I absolutely believe that there is something to the whole manifestation thing. I don’t know if it is purely psychological or spiritual or both, but in my experience it does help to think positive thoughts about the things that I want in life. That being said, it’s pretty hard to think “I am wealthy and my life is abundant” when you are choosing between groceries and the light bill. I’ve been there, I know. At these times, it helps more to focus on opportunity. Anybody can have opportunity at any time. It’s free and you can make it yourself.
  5. I am doing my best.
    This is especially helpful for those of us with recurring bouts of depression. Sometimes when you are in that bad place, you remember that you were doing well not too long ago and that can make you feel even worse. It’s important to be gentle with yourself. Maybe it’s taken all of your energy just to show up. Maybe you haven’t even made it there today. You are still doing your best and should acknowledge that.

I hope that you find these helpful if you ever need them. Take care of yourself.



1 comments on “5 Positive Affirmations for When You Are Feeling REALLY Negative”

  1. Very wise words.Especially about realistic affirmations. And yes, some days we can climb mountains and run marathons, and other days it takes all of our energy just to show up. And sometimes just showing up is more miraculous than running a marathon. Great post.


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