November: Gather

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Ah, November! I absolutely love November. Days are getting short, there are meteor showers to look forward to, and the morning chill is delightful!

I have always associated November with large gatherings of loved ones. My birthday is the 13th of this month. Thanksgiving is this month. I come from a huge family, so there were always parties to attend during this time of year.

My immediate family has a tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving together on Black Friday. This came about because my dad works in broadcasting, so he’s always had to work holidays that didn’t fall on his days off. Usually my mom has all four of us siblings, the (now 8) grandkids, and my grandma over. But this year, I’m hosting it at the bungalow!

I am so excited to finally have a chance to entertain! I had all of these fantasies of entertaining when I put in my first offer on the bungalow, but then work and a messy house got in the way. Now that the holidays are coming up, I am looking to remedy this. 

We are planning on throwing a birthday party for Flora at the end of December. I’m considering this Black Friday Feast a dry run before we have the whole family (William’s family, my family, possibly a couple of friends) over. 

My goal this month is to document my planning and festivities with you all on the blog and over on YouTube. I am planning on once-a-day blog/vlog posts for the month of November, but right now it’s time for bed. Stay tuned!



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